It’s a Wonderful Life meets Bigfoot”

Starring Michael Shannon (Batman v Superman, Midnight Special) and Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), along with co-stars Judy Greer, Ron Perlman, Tom Lennon and Ian McShane? Oh, now we've got your attention.

WHAT: Alison Bailes (BBC, Sirius Radio) Hosts an Eve with Michael Shannon & Ron Perlman

WHEN: Event Cinema November 1st-9th, 2017


The plot centers on Maynard (Shannon), a beloved local businessman who is mistaken for the legendary Bigfoot. The sightings set off an international Bigfoot media spectacle and a windfall of tourism dollars for a simple American town hit by hard times. When Brock Masterson (Lennon), reality TV's "Monster Hunter," arrives to hunt the beast, Maynard agonizes over whether to come clean, destroying the rebirth of his beloved town, or perpetuate the inadvertent hoax.

L-R Starring Michael Shannon (Batman v Superman, Midnight Special), Tom Lennon ,Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Ron Perlman